Beatles Yer Blues Meaning

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The Beatles mastered – and broke ground in – so many genres. on “Money (That’s What I Want),” but also sang with such passion on “Yer Blues” that his voice cracked. He also pulled some impressive.

you knew “Penny Lane” was a Paul tune and “Yer Blues” was 100% John. However, their partnership didn’t end when “Good Day Sunshine” stood next to “I’m Only Sleeping” on Revolver. According to the.

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When you listen to the earliest Beatles albums, you are transported to a simple time. By the time John Lennon was writing “Yer Blues” and Paul McCartney recording “Helter Skelter,” that innocence.

A nice beat like that, I think I’ll give it a sound,’ answers Dinah before both of them launch into the most gloriously upbeat ‘blues’ medley ever. nostalgia and Terry Christian. Loud and in yer.

Meanwhile, fans also got their share of rocking tracks. Between “Yer Blues,” “Back in the U.S.S.R.,” and George Harrison’s “Savoy Truffle,” The Beatles didn’t forget to turn the amps up to 11 on the.

Winner: Has to be the Beatles, just because “Waiting for the Sun” is pretty inconsequential. THE BEATLES, “YER BLUES” vs. THE DOORS, “ROADHOUSE BLUES”: One thing to which the Beatles never made claim.

Yer man can’t play,’ he told the other band members. alongside the likes of Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde and the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s, in countless best albums of all-time lists. It was voted No 2 in.

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As for the classic White Album (1968), Ringo has called John Lennon’s “Yer Blues” his favorite on the record. But his favorite Beatles song overall came from the Revolver sessions. Ringo’s favorite.

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As dark and heavy as any song in The Beatles’ canon, ‘Yer Blues’ demanded an intensity to match – and found it in a cramped.

With Lennon on guitar and vocals, Eric Clapton on guitar, Keith Richards on bass and Mitch Mitchell of The Jimi Hendrix Experience on drums, the lineup delivered a live version of "Yer Blues", from.


Besides, Motley Crue did the former song better, and "Yer Blues" covers the blues-rock territory more impressively than the latter. Final note about how amazing the Beatles are: After all these years,

Other styles the Beatles took up on “Sgt. Pepper,” they took up more convincingly elsewhere, be it the scuzzy title track (“Yer Blues” rocks harder) or the dreamy balladry of “She’s Leaving Home”.

John Lennon of The Beatles, Eric Clapton of Cream. of The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus television special with their rendition of Lennon’s "Yer Blues." Also, in case you were wondering, yes.

The distinctiveness of the Stones was due less to Jagger’s vocals than to Richards’s capacity to ingest the blues-guitar styles of Chuck Berry. longer than their great contemporaries the Beatles.

Bettman When you listen to The White Album, you hear just about every side of The Beatles. There are rocking numbers like.

A plaintive wail of inner pain, “Yer Blues” clearly resonated with Lennon. When he made his live debut as a solo performer at the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival festival in September 1969, it was the.

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on there?" I love "Yer Blues." We’re in a 6-foot room — amps, drums, vocal mics. No separation. It was like, "Yeah!" What’s your favorite Beatles song of all time? There are too many. I like to say.